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My experience with Digital Eye Strain (DES): Are you aware of the signs?

Hi Guys, Following my last piece on my experience with Blue Light, I had alot of questions about Digital Eye strain and it's effects. I have some pointers below on how to spot it, and keep on top of it! Thanks for reading, Robbie What is Digital Eye Strain? Digital Eye Strain (DES) in short is a culmination of symptoms caused by staring at digital devices for too long, such as phone, laptop, computer monitor or tablet. There are a variety of symptoms of the ailment that people can experience, ranging from singular to multiple reported. What are the symptoms? The most common symptoms reported include: Eye Fatigue Discomfort or irritation in Eyes Headaches Dry or itchy eyes Blurry or double...

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8 Practical Tips for Better Sleep from Henshaw Eyewear

Adequate Sleep and the quality of your Sleep plays a crucial role in your physical and mental wellbeing during the waking hours. Improving the time you spend on the pillow can yield huge improvements for your daytime energy, productivity, concentration, emotional wellbeing, and even your metabolism. Poor sleep can cause damage to your body in the short term, but over time poor sleep can lead to chronic mental and physical problems. The great thing is; there are simple changes you can make to improve your sleep and subsequently your overall wellbeing. These will vary from person to person, but we have outlined 8 highly effective practical tips to implement in your daily sleep routine: 1.Increase levels of bright light exposure during the day. -Helps regulate...

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