My Story: Blue Light, it's effects and are you being exposed to it on a daily basis?

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I wanted to share some quick points about my experience with Blue Light, the effects of it and share my tips and remedies for making sure you look after your eye health. I also have some FAQ's I get from time to time at the bottom.

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My experience with Digital Eye Strain
With all the time in front of the screen I was suffering from eye strain, and my eyes were getting itchy and dry. Particularly at night, because your body clock wants to shut down when the sun goes down and I was wondering why I was having bad sleep. Now I put on my Blue Light Filter glasses around seven or eight at night and I definitely have seen an improvement. I didn't wear glasses before this so it was great to find a stylish solution that didn't require a prescription frame.


My own daily screen time routine. 
I would say I’m spending at least two hours a day in front of a screen, not including meetings. You have your own video analysis room in Leinster and in Ireland for the players.  I am also currently sitting my final semester exams of an Arts degree in Geography and Economics at UCD and being honest, I do a lot of cramming towards the end of semesters too as I can't attend many of the lectures so I am sitting in front of a screen alot these days! It can be a challenging time.


How did Henshaw Eyewear begin?
Based on my previous issues with eye fatigue, I began to learn an incredible amount and became very interested in the area of eye health, but I also wanted to tip my toe in the water of a venture and it's evolved nicely, we are selling online and in 80 opticians around the country. It’s great to be able to go from the pitch from a rugby set up into a business set up And go into meetings, and listen to what happens and be involved in product development, partnerships and things like that. It definitely gives me a stepping stone into life after rugby and I'm pretty privileged to have that opportunity. Also, through being the Brand Ambassador for the NCBI, allows me to further promote and help out with their amazing work.



Here are some FAQ's I get from time to time:

What is Blue Light & what are the negative effects?
Blue light is the rays emitted off the monitor and screens of smartphones, computers, and Ipads that strain your eyes by causing glare on the visual system. A recent study by Harvard University found that at night, light throws the body's biological clock—the circadian rhythm—out of whack. Sleep suffers.

If you struggle to sleep after the latest Game of Thrones episode or from watching videos on your phone in bed, these are side effects of Blue Light which affect your energy levels and sleeping patterns.

What are the common side effects of Blue Light?

Digital Eye Strain (DES) in short is a culmination of symptoms caused by staring at digital devices for too long, such as phone, laptop, computer monitor or tablet. There are a variety of symptoms of the ailment that people can experience. These include irregular sleeping patterns, dry, itchy eyes, and headaches.

Am I being exposed to Blue Light and could I be heading for Digital Eye Strain?

Anyone who looks at or uses digital screens in their daily lives is exposed to Blue Light. This can be at work, in the office, at home or even in bed. Blue Light is everywhere and has become a part of our daily lives. As you read this article on your device, you are being exposed to Blue light!


What should I do to reduce the effects of Blue Light to increase my energy and improve my sleep?

We recommend that you take regular breaks from sitting in front of screens. For example, in the office, you should take a 10-minute break each hour you are in front of a screen or digital device.
The use of Blue light lenses is also proven to reduce the effects of Blue Light exposure by increasing sleeping patterns, energy, and overall productivity. 


Do Blue light Filter apps on our phones/Laptops block out enough Blue Light?

From my own personal experience and from the research out there, my answer is, No. They are effective, but for nighttime use only but for those using screens on a regular basis at work etc, Blue Light filter glasses are more effective. I tried out Blue Light filter apps but found that the lenses added more protection during my daily usage of screens. A recent study by Bluwinx shows the effectivness of Blue Light frames vs Apps.

What are Henshaw Blue Block Glasses?

Henshaw Blue Block glasses protect your eyes from the effects of Blue Light with bespoke plano lenses. Our lenses are manufactured and fitted in our bespoke Irish based facility and have been proven to reduce the effects of blue light so you can binge on Netflix or the latest movie knowing that you are protecting your eyes.