Ever hear of Snow Blindness? Heading on a Ski Holiday soon? Here's a few reasons to pack High Quality Sunglasses ⛷

Snowblind — it's a frightening word. Thankfully, it's a condition that is preventable by a couple key pre trip measures. Snow blindness is a painful, temporary loss of vision due to overexposure to the sun's UV rays at high altitudes. In fact, snow can reflect more than 80 percent of the UV rays that fall upon it meaning it's very important to pack the right eye protection for your trip!

You have planned a ski trip with friends or family, you have your ski pass ordered, your pants, boots, jackets and ski goggles packed, but what about your Sunglasses?

It’s very important to don your shades in snowy and icy conditions. The reason for this is not to just look great, but to really care for your eyes and the damaging effect of the elements, especially on a sunny day in the Alps.

Here are some reasons why we recommend investing in a pair of high quality Polarised Lens' for snowy conditions:


Henshaw Eyewear Skiing

1 UV Protection

UV light reflects 4 times as much off the snow than off sand in winter times. This increases visual discomfort when out and about in Snowy, icy conditions. Such UV light increases 4% every 1,000 feet you ascend into a mountain. If you are in the Alps, then that’s alot of UV! We recommend wearing a high quality polarised Lens to minimise glare and increase visual comfort in these weather conditions. All Henshaw Sunglasses are fitted with Polarised Lenses.



See the difference below between a polarised and non polarised “off the shelf” pair of sunglasses:

Polarises Lenses vs Non polarised Lenses


2 Prevent Dry Eyes

Just like starting at a computer all day causes Dry Eyes, wintery mountain snow conditions can have the same effect on our eyes. Snow if formed when there is minimum moisture in the air, so when it’s snowing, your eyes could suffer from dryness. Mix that with the dry winds that blow and you will likely suffer from dry eyes. We recommend bringing some Polyethylene Glycol eye drops such as Blink with you. Once eye drops are applied, you should then put on your Polarised Sunglasses to ensure they stay hydrated, out of the winds path and increase your visual comfort. The Henshaw Active range now come with a Hydrophobic, Polarised lens. This means that they will repel water retention on the lens, from rain, snow or sweat, prevent debris and dust from sticking to the Lens whilst maintaining clarity of vision and the reduction of glare. 

See a Hydrophobic lens in action below:

Henshaw Hydrophobic Lenses vs Non Hydrophobic Lenses

3 Sunburn

People often bring sunscreen on ski holidays and they are right. As we mentioned, the UV light increase 4% every 1,000 feet we ascend. However, people aren’t aware of the importance of investing in a pair of Sunglasses that will protect your eyes from sunburn. That’s right, your eyes can get sunburn! Sunburn of the cornea can happen in areas of intense light reflections and glare such as the Alpines.

Check out the Henshaw Active range which are ideal for snowy areas, skiing and Apres ski. They hug your face, staying on when moving and are super stylish!

Henshaw Lecarrow Polarised Sunglasses below:

Lecarrow Sunglasses Polarised Hydrophobic Ski Sunglasses



Starting at €49.99, check out the full collection of Henshaw Sunglasses here.