Blue Light glasses from €49.99

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Blue Block Glasses

Blue Block Glasses from €49.99

What are Henshaw Blue Light blocking Glasses?

Ever have trouble sleeping after a day at work, a night of scrolling or an evening of whats app conversations? Ever get headaches after looking at a screen for a long time?

If you spend any part of your day or night in front of a computer, TV or smartphone, you are exposing your eyes to harmful Blue Light which can cause Digital Eye Strain. This effects your sleeping patterns, energy, and overall productivity.        

Inspired by Robbie's own issues with Digital Eye Strain, His Henshaw Blue Block glasses protect your eyes from the effects of Blue Light by filtering out up to 92% of harmful Blue Light.

Even if you NEVER wore glasses you can wear our frames and see the benefits.

The entire Henshaw Blue Block glasses are available with or without prescription. Need a prescription added? No problem, add it to your order and will make this for you at our Optical Lab in Dublin.