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Evo Fog Stop - Rugby Goggles - Large Size



IRB EVO Trial Approved Rugby Goggles are made in ITALY.

These are the Large size Rugby Goggles and are suitable to fit head circumference of 520mm or greater 
The anti fog goggles incorporate a number of enhancements over the base version and iNcludes a fogStop Antifog Insert, which provides a 400% improvement on preventing condensation from forming inside the goggles.
Goggle Features; 
- Hard Coating Treatment for superior scratch resistance
- 2 straps are included: 40 mm - ear covering strap and a 30 mm high-comfort strap for scrum caps.

- Shatterproof and impact resistant polycarbonate frame.
- Rapid strap unlock to allow very quick access in instances where removal is necessary. 

- Hypoallegenic multi layer foam with pile against the face.
- Front air intakes.
- 30mm and 40mm strap.

- High UV protection (from UV380 to UV400)
- Inner Raleri FogStop Antifog.

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